The Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group is dedicated to the restoration of salmon habitat and salmon species survival throughout Washington State’s Pacific County.

Where have all the salmon gone?

Since the 1950’s, the county's salmon runs have dramatically declined or disappeared completely from many streams in the area, primarily because of poor habitat, harvest levels and hatchery management, and strategic planning errors.

In addition, chum salmon populations, which are so critical to the overall health of other salmon species, are severely threatened.

Elk Creek Before
Elk Creek before restoration

How we restore salmon habitat

We select stream sites in Pacific County that supported salmon runs in the past, and restore the habitat to make these runs viable again.

Our restoration work combines construction projects that enhance salmon habitat with salmon seeding (introduction of eggs, smolt, and fry) and nutrient enhancement to help young salmon thrive.

Elk Creek After
Elk Creek after restoration